In this term we have been learning about body parts, for this reason we have done a skeleton with cotton swab.



This quarter we have worked on health and healthy food. We have learned the importance of taking care of our diet, since each food gives us different nutrients and all of them are necessary for the correct development of our body. That is why we have made a nutritional pyramid, in which we can see, in an easy and clear way, the food groups that form it and the assiduity with which we must eat certain foods.



Do you know all the parts in our body? In this term, we have studied our body and our senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. To remember the vocabulary, we made a key chain with the main parts, such us: upper limbs, thorax or feet.


According to what we studied during this term related with the plants, we decided to make an individual project related with the different kinds of leaves we can find and all the information we can get on each on them! Every one brought a different leave they found near home and classified it according to its characteristics. It was a great time working and knowing more about the leaves!


The students drew pictures of the different plants of a plant and other items related to the plant kingdom that they had to prepare for their Natural Science exam.

The students created a round of questions related to the plant kingdom that they asked and answered each other to prepare the Natural Science exam.


Who said that Fashion and Science has nothing to do? Our 6º E.P. students have shown that it is possible to mix them. In order to review the different systems studied in Units 1 and 2 ‘digestive, respiratory, circulatory and excretory’, our ingenious designers have created a new line of clothes with amazing pictures of the systems and all their parts labeled. They are really expensive because they are unique!!!!

You can see 6ºB and 6ºA creations in the pictures above.

Please, click in the following link to watch a great video with close-up images and our famous fashion designers: