1st Term SOCIAL SCIENCE TASKS – Primary-


This term we have studied the family, for this reason we have made a family tree to decorate our class.


A good way to clearly see the changes in season, has been to create four spaces for each season on the same page. In each of them, children have represented each of the seasons: many flowers for spring, snowmen for winter, chestnuts for autumn and the beach to represent summer, for instance.


During the first term, we have worked the Earth and the eight planets of the Solar System. The Sun is in the centre of our Solar System. We have two types of planets: the inner planets and the outer planets. We made a small planetary with the inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and our natural satellite, the Moon; and Mars.


In Social Science, during this first term, both groups have worked and studied about Spanish geography and landscapes. At the end of the term we´ve done a project of two maps showing the most important rivers in Spain and the highest mountains, too. We had a lot of fun looking for information and working on it!



The students interviewed each other with questions from the units that they were preparing for the exam.


The students drew a mindmap of the unit on the blackboard with chalk, using different colours and patterns.


Students love travelling. For this reason, they have been the main characters of this famous TV program. We have done a very interesting research in cooperative groups about different countries around the world as we are studying in units 10 and 11 of our Social Science book: flags, number of inhabitants, capitals, main mountain ranges, main rivers, main watersheds, famous monuments, etc. and we have reflected all this new information on colourful cardboards displayed in our Science corner, as you can see in the picture above.

To watch our amazing video with close-up pictures of our cardboards and to listen to our stories with real voices in English, click in the following link: