3rd Term SOCIAL TASKS -Primary-


Hi daddies and moms. In social sciences we have learned to respect the environment, for this we have created a game to learn how to recycle.


To end this course, and taking advantage of the unity of work we have studied, we have drawn ourselves as adults, dressed and characterized of what we would like to work on.



As a final task we have decided to collect some of the videos we saw in class during this course to remember everything we learned. Next year we will expand the list of 3rd of Primary and start with 4th of Primary.

Click on the picture to watch our Science Channel!

Units 7 to 15



What is the most important invention of our times? During this term, we have studied prehistory, Roman times, Medieval times, and the Industrial Revolution. We think that, the most important invention is the telephone and the electricity.


In this term, the 5th grade students have studied about Roman Age in Vigo, making a display with some interesting informations and drawings of the most important Roman facts that helped them to know more about the history of the city of Vigo and about Roman culture and its importance in our history.


We filmed a flipped classroom activity where some students explained different periods of the Spanish recent History. In this video, Adrián Gómez explains the Spanish War of Independence that took place in the 19th Century.

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