Ted and Fred

TED and FRED were our English friends during this school year. Ted was in class with the “caracoles” and Fred spent the year with the kids in the “pingüinos” class. Both Ted and Fred visited our homes and met our families.We all made something to have a lovely memory of that special day.Some of us made drawings,others took pictures or pasted stickers but we all helped a lot to make a beautiful cloth strip with all of the great moments spent with our friends.We will miss you Ted and Fred!We’ll never forget you!

TED y FRED fueron nuestros amigos ingleses durante este curso.Ted estuvo con la clase de los “caracoles” y Fred con la clase de los “pingüinos”. Ambos visitaron nuestras casas, conocieron a nuestras familias e hicimos un recuerdo cada uno de ese día tan especial.Algunos pintamos, otros pusimos fotos o pegatinas, otros ayudamos a recortar…pero todos pusimos mucha ilusión.Estos recuerdos los unimos formando una larga cinta de pequeños-grandes momentos con nuestros amigos.¡Ted y Fred no os olvidaremos!

¡Muchas gracias a las teacher Dominika y Diana!