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1st Term ENGLISH TASKS – Primary-

1º PRIMARY  This term the 1st of Primary students have been learning about families and how different they are. They have also worked with adjectives to describe the people in a family as is it shown in the picture below.   2º PRIMARY  This quarter our project consisted in making a garden. Each child has […]


1º PRIMARY  In this term we have been learning about body parts, for this reason we have done a skeleton with cotton swab.   2º PRIMARY  This quarter we have worked on health and healthy food. We have learned the importance of taking care of our diet, since each food gives us different nutrients and […]

1st Term SOCIAL SCIENCE TASKS – Primary-

1º PRIMARY  This term we have studied the family, for this reason we have made a family tree to decorate our class. 2º PRIMARY A good way to clearly see the changes in season, has been to create four spaces for each season on the same page. In each of them, children have represented each […]

3rd Term NATURAL TASKS -Primary-

1º PRIMARY   Hello daddies and moms. In Natural Sciences we have made a mural with the different parts of plants. the kids have colored and stuckthe words on a cardboard. 2º PRIMARY  In the Natural course we studied the plants. And we have made a bookmark.  3º PRIMARY   As a final task we have decided […]

3rd Term SOCIAL TASKS -Primary-

1º PRIMARY  Hi daddies and moms. In social sciences we have learned to respect the environment, for this we have created a game to learn how to recycle. 2º PRIMARY  To end this course, and taking advantage of the unity of work we have studied, we have drawn ourselves as adults, dressed and characterized of […]

3rd Term ENGLISH TASKS -Primary-

1º PRIMARY –  Hi daddies and moms, In English, this term we have learned the possessive adjectives, for  these reason we have created a game to identify her and his. 2º PRIMARY  In English we have made our schedule in a special way, with drawings since this was our last project.   3º PRIMARY  This last […]