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1º PRIMARY  In this term we have been learning about body parts, for this reason we have done a skeleton with cotton swab.   2º PRIMARY  This quarter we have worked on health and healthy food. We have learned the importance of taking care of our diet, since each food gives us different nutrients and […]

1st Term SOCIAL SCIENCE TASKS – Primary-

1º PRIMARY  This term we have studied the family, for this reason we have made a family tree to decorate our class. 2º PRIMARY A good way to clearly see the changes in season, has been to create four spaces for each season on the same page. In each of them, children have represented each […]

Psicomotricidad – ED. INFANTIL y 1º CFGS EAS

Esta mañana, se han llevado a cabo diversos juegos de psicomotricidad en el pasillo de infantil y en el gimnasio, organizados por los compañeros mayores de 1º de CFGS EAS, ¡¡gran trabajo chic@s!!   ¡ Los pitufos de Ed. Infantil lo han pasado genial con esta sesión de psicomotricidad tan diferente !

Arcimboldos – Ed. Infantil 5 años

Hello! During our Art classes the 5-year old kids got to know the peculiar works of art made by a 16th century Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We admired and analysed his paintings (which you can see again here: and later on we put our invisible painter’s hat and got ourselves to work. Our task […]