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Bienvenidos a la ESO

Esta mañana los alumnos de 6º de E.P. han celebrado un acto de bienvenida a la E.S.O en el que participaron junto a los alumnos de 4º de la E.S.O. Los chicos y chicas de 4º de la ESO habían preparado un vídeo explicativo que proyectaron durante la sesión. Después de ver el vídeo, los […]

Primary 5º

UNIT 0-WELCOME TO OUR EZINE Present simple for routines.  Like + ing. ‘d like.  Question words, shorts answers.  Present simple/present continuous.  School vocabulary. UNIT 1-TIME FOR TELEVISION Present simple for routines.  Comparative and superlative adjectives. Do/does question and answer.  What’s the time question/answer.  TV vocabulary. UNIT 2-PEOPLE AT WORK Present tense. Wh-question.  Jobs vocabulary. UNIT […]

Primary 6º

UNIT 0-REVIEW Tense review. UNIT 1-BEASTLY TALES Question words. Animal vocabulary. UNIT 2- TOMORROW’S WORLD Why/because.   Then, after and before.   Space Vocabulary.   UNIT 3-THE GREAT OUTDOORS  Past simple irregular verbs in affirmative/negative/question.  Because/any + noun.  Health vocabulary. UNIT 4-FOOD, GLORIOUS, FOOD! Countable and uncountable nouns. Enough/not enough. Too much/too many/a little. Past […]

Primary 1º

UNIT 0-What´s your name? Character names. Numbers. Colours. Greetings. (1) UNIT 1-What do we like about school? Colours. Classroom objects. Classroom words. UNIT 2-What´s interesting about families? Family. My Family. Family Game. UNIT 3-How do we have fun? Toys.  Activities and hobbies.   UNIT 4-What do we like about animals? Pets. Animals. Animals game. Farm […]

Primary 2º

  Starter – When´s your birthday? Months Ordinal numbers Alphabet   UNIT 1 – What´s fun about games? Jobs Toys   UNIT 2 – Why are towns great? Places in town Prepositions of place   UNIT 3 – Why are we busy? Daily routine Hobbies   UNIT 4 – Why are animals amazing? Wild animals […]

Primary 3º

  UNIT 0-HELLO! Greetings. (1) Have got question and answer. (1) Present continuous.(1) UNIT 1-FAMILY MATTERS Family. Describe a person. (1) Possesive ‘s, present simple and continuous. (1) (2) Like/love/enjoy + ing.  Do and have got question and answer. (1) (2) UNIT 2-HOME SWEET HOME Description of a house. (1) Numbers 21-100.  (1) Present continuous. (1) Prepositions. UNIT 3-A […]

Primary 4º

UNIT 0-HELLO THERE! Greetings.  Jobs.  Family.  Comparative adjectives.  Adjectives and numbers Can/can’t.  Must. Before/after.  Routine activities. (1)   UNIT 1-BACK TO SCHOOL Relatives with who.  Present simple descriptions.  Present continuous question/answer.  Must and can.  What + do question/answer.  School subjects.  Adjectives of feelings. (1) UNIT 2-GOOD SPORTS Relative with where.  Mustn’t.  Adverbs of manner.  Learning to […]