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1st Term SOCIAL SCIENCE TASKS – Primary-

1º PRIMARY – MATERIALS In this term we have been learning about houses and materials, for this reason we have done an exhibition with real materials. 2º PRIMARY – WE’VE GOT BONES In this case the children of second have made a skeleton with sticks to, in a more dynamic way, work the bones that […]


1º PRIMARY – TYPES OF FOOD In this term we have been learning the different food groups. For these reason, we have made a poster with them.   2º PRIMARY – FOOD The children of second grade have made a mural to reinforce the contents on fresh and processed food. Here you can see how […]

Science 1º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – MY BODY Parts of the body Parts of the body (2) Body parts UNIT 2 – HEALTH AND FOOD Daily Routines Food Food Pyramid UNIT 3 – ANIMALS Living /Nonliving Things Invertebrate Animals Vertebrate Animals Vertebrate – Skeleton Groups of vertebrates Animals SOCIAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – OUR SCHOOL Parts of […]

Science 2º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – My body How muscles work Five senses UNIT 2 – Food and health Healthy eating, the new food pyramid Healthy breakfast UNIT 3 – Animals Classifying animals Vertebrates Invertebrates UNIT 4 – Plants From seed to flowers UNIT 5 – Forces and energy Force Energy UNIT 6 – Machines What […]

Science 3º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – Your body The human body.  Your body moves.  You grow and change. Bones (1) UNIT 2 – Our senses Sight. Hearing. Smell, taste and touch. (1) UNIT 3 – Living things Living things Nutrition. Sensitivity. Reproduction. (1) UNIT 4 – Vertebrate animals Mammals. Reptiles and birds.  Fish and amphibians. (1) […]

Science 4º

NATURAL SCIENCE  UNIT 1 – INSIDE YOUR BODY Digestion game Respiratory game Excretory game The digestive system The respiratory system Circulatory system Excretory system (1) (2) (3) (4) UNIT 2 – KEEPING HEALTHY Healthy habits prevent illness. Food and nutrients. A healthy diet. (1) Nutrition Quiz Nutrition Questions UNIT 3 – PLANTS Parts of plants. Plant […]

Science 5º

  NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – LIVING THINGS Cells. Multicelular living things:animals and plants. Other kingdoms. Multicellular living things Classification of kingdoms Living things (1) (2) (3) UNIT 2 – THE PLANT KINGDOM Plant classification. Plant nutrition. Plant reproduction. Plant classification (1) (2) UNIT 3 – PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT Ecosystems. Nutrition in ecosystems. Protecting the enviroment. […]

Science 6º

  UNIT 1 – NUTRITION I -Nutrition and health. -The digestive process. UNIT 2 – NUTRITION II -Respiration and excretion. -The circulatory system. -Blood circulation. UNIT 3 – SENSITIVITY -Sensitivity and the locomotor system.  -Internal coordination. The nervous system and movement. UNIT 4 – REPRODUCTION -Sexual characteristics. Sex cells  Fertilisation. -Pregnancy and birth. UNIT 5-HEALTH […]