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1º PRIMARY  In this term we have been learning about body parts, for this reason we have done a skeleton with cotton swab.   2º PRIMARY  This quarter we have worked on health and healthy food. We have learned the importance of taking care of our diet, since each food gives us different nutrients and […]

1st Term SOCIAL SCIENCE TASKS – Primary-

1º PRIMARY  This term we have studied the family, for this reason we have made a family tree to decorate our class. 2º PRIMARY A good way to clearly see the changes in season, has been to create four spaces for each season on the same page. In each of them, children have represented each […]

1st Term SOCIAL SCIENCE TASKS – Primary-

1º PRIMARY – MATERIALS In this term we have been learning about houses and materials, for this reason we have done an exhibition with real materials. 2º PRIMARY – WE’VE GOT BONES In this case the children of second have made a skeleton with sticks to, in a more dynamic way, work the bones that […]


1º PRIMARY – TYPES OF FOOD In this term we have been learning the different food groups. For these reason, we have made a poster with them.   2º PRIMARY – FOOD The children of second grade have made a mural to reinforce the contents on fresh and processed food. Here you can see how […]

Science 1º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – MY BODY Parts of the body Parts of the body (2) Body parts UNIT 2 – HEALTH AND FOOD Daily Routines Food Food Pyramid UNIT 3 – ANIMALS Living /Nonliving Things Invertebrate Animals Vertebrate Animals Vertebrate – Skeleton Groups of vertebrates Animals UNIT 4 – PLANTS Parts of a plant Plants […]

Science 2º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – My body How muscles work Five senses UNIT 2 – Food and health Healthy eating, the new food pyramid Healthy breakfast UNIT 3 – Animals Classifying animals Vertebrates Invertebrates UNIT 4 – Plants From seed to flowers UNIT 5 – Forces and energy Force Energy UNIT 6 – Machines What […]

Science 3º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – Your body The human body.  Your body moves.  You grow and change. Bones (1) UNIT 2 – Our senses Sight. Hearing. Smell, taste and touch. (1) UNIT 3 – Living things Living things Nutrition. Sensitivity. Reproduction. (1) UNIT 4 – Vertebrate animals Mammals. Reptiles and birds.  Fish and amphibians. (1) […]

Science 5º

  NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – LIVING THINGS Cells. Multicelular living things:animals and plants. Other kingdoms. Multicellular living things Classification of kingdoms Living things (1) (2) (3) UNIT 2 – THE PLANT KINGDOM Plant classification. Plant nutrition. Plant reproduction. Plant classification (1) (2) UNIT 3 – PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT ECOSYSTEMS FOOD CHAINS UNIT 6 – MATTER […]

Science 6º

  UNIT 1 – NUTRITION I -Nutrition and health. -The digestive process. UNIT 2 – NUTRITION II -Respiration and excretion. -The circulatory system. -Blood circulation. UNIT 3 – SENSITIVITY -Sensitivity and the locomotor system.  -Internal coordination. The nervous system and movement. UNIT 4 – REPRODUCTION -Sexual characteristics. Sex cells  Fertilisation. -Pregnancy and birth. UNIT 5-HEALTH […]