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IV Liga Interescolar Concello de Mos -2º Clasificado-

Queremos felicitar y animar a todos los aficionados a la práctica del Ajedrez a seguir así. Gracias a vosotros el Colegio Lar ha alcanzado el segundo puesto en la reciente celebración de la IV Liga Interescolar del Concello de Mos. IV LIGA INTERESCOLAR CONCELLO DE MOSEl pasado domingo, 29/Abril, celebramos la cuarta edición de la […]

Making fossils

This week Noa Piñeiro and Stephanie Dávila from 5th Primary A have made a very interesting school project, following the instructions from their English book. They have filmed the whole process and they would like to share the result with all of us. We hope you all like it!  

2nd Term SOCIAL SCIENCE TASKS – Primary-

1º PRIMARY – JOBS In this Term, we were studying the different jobs, for this reason, we made a mural with our favorite jobs. we practice questions and answers with this task, . “What job would you like when you grow up?” I want to be a… 2º PRIMARY – MEANS OF TRANSPORT The students […]

2n Term ENGLISH TASKS – Primary-

1º PRIMARY – FEELINGS FLASHCARDS In this Term we have been working on decorating the English corner, we have made some flashcards with different feelings.   2º PRIMARY – CLOTHES FLIP BOOK The students of 2nd grade of primary education have made a Flipbook. With it, they have been able to work and improve on […]


1º PRIMARY – LIVING THINGS In this Term we have been studying living things, and we have made a game to learn the difference between oviparous and viviparous animals. 2º PRIMARY – TYPES OF MACHINES The students of 2nd grade of primary education have made a mural with the different types of machines and have […]