Art and Science during 2nd term – Ed. Infantil

Art and Science during 2nd term – Ed. Infantil

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Hello everybody! The second term has already finished, although a bit earlier than we expected, and as always, we have got a brief visual summary of what our Smart Cookies had been up to since January. During these three months we have done loads of diverse things. We have discovered many new painting techniques (rollers, handprints, fingers painting, tracing, symmetry squish painting or pastel chalks), we have drawn inspiration from those artists – Arcimboldo and Mondrian – and we have created our own pieces of art. Additionally, we have designed beautiful stained glasses to decorate our windows, some landscapes with couscous and finally our self-portraits checking our reflections in the mirrors. Moreover, we have discovered how ramps work, how to convert skittles into a rainbow just by adding water, how to make colourful light with lanterns and cellophane paper, materials transparency and frogs life cycle, to name but a few. Lastly, we have also worked with a new super tool – the light table which we have used to paint with black salt!

Enjoy the video and I hope to see you all very soon!!!

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