2nd Term ENGLISH TASKS – Primary


Our Smart students have been learning this term about food and their likes and dislikes.
It has been a great opportunity to work grammar structures such as
I like
I don´t like
I have …..for breaksfast, lunch or dinner
They enjoyed cutting and pasting different kinds of food on a wall display shown below.



Hi all!
This term all the SMART COOKIES from the 2nd of Primary have made a huge poster with the animals we have been studying in unit 4. Since, apart from the animals, we have learnt a lot of information related to the animals, like for instance their abilities (using the modal verb “can”), their habitats and some characteristics, we have decided to include it all in our super craft.
Have a glimpse at the making of and also the final results, which, by the way, are proudly hanging in our classrooms. Enjoy!


As we have been studying the superlative adjectives, all the students hace created a comic book about a superheroe that has superpowers. His names is “Super Clever” and he is the cleverest superhéroe in the world. He helps everybody as he is the strongest, the tallest and the cleverest. Let’s follow his adventures!


In the last unit of the second term, in the English lessons we have worked with things that make us feel good or bad, and both groups decided to prepare what makes each one of them feel good or bad in their everyday life. With this activity, appart from showing their artistic abilites one more time, they had a great opportunity to practice and improve their writing skills and to use correctly all the new grammar and vocabulary learnt…but in a funny way!


Our classmate Yi Guo has given a talk about the Chinese Culture and the Chinese New Year which was celebrated in the month of February. This year is the year of the Pig. We love learning about new cultures!


The students worked on the design of a website. They focused on the web address, the navigation buttons, the different pictures on the site and even the advert banners! They had a lot of fun!