In this term, we have learned about living things and also the parts of a plant, so we have made a poster with the main parts: roots, stem, leaves and flowers.














This term, the 2nd of Primary students have been learning about Animals.  Now they are able to differentiate between the five main groups of vertebrates, to identify different invertebrates and to categorise animals according to their diet. For their final task the did a graphic organiser as is it shown in the picture below.



In this term, we have recorded a great TV program: our special version of Pasapalabra

(Pass the word). To review all the concepts studied in Unit 3 Animals and in pairs, we have chosen different terms related to the topic and we have written a definition for each of them with all the letters of the alphabet. After that, we started to play our game with our special online “rosco”.  We are TV super stars!


To watch the 3ºA Pass the word program click here:


To watch the 3ºB Pass the word program click here:

4th Primary

Along this term, Natural Science units have taught our pupils everything related with the living things and specially about the plants, one of the most important ones in our environment. During this, one of the most interesting parts was talking about vascular plants, and how they are able to carry out all the nutrients they need through the different vessels.

At the end of the unit, we created an experiment in which observed in a real plant how they absorb the water and its circulation using some celery sticks, water and food colouring. With it, our year 4 pupils have discovered how water circulates inside the plants and the similarities it has with human blood circulation in a different way!

Here you have a vídeo with our experience.


How much do you know about terrestrial ecosystems? We have done research on the topic and now we are experts. Check it out!


There are many different ways to prevent illnesses. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle so that our body will be stronger. Moreover, due to Covid-19, we also have to take into account other things such as washing our hands or social distance. 6th Primary students created a task with different tips to prevent illnesses and Covid-19.