In this term, we have learned about different landscapes and for these reason we have made a play doh landscape together.










This term we have worked on Maps. We have learned to identify some countries on a world map and to differentiate between a political map and a physical map. That is why we have made some graphic organiser as you can see.



Our teacher is very mean! She locked us in the classroom and there was only one way to escape… using our intelligence and knowledge about the three sectors of the economy: primary, secondary and tertiary. We had to search clues in different places, solve enigmas, classify terms… And after that, we have to use our mathematical skills to escape and be free. It was very funny and we reviewed the lesson in a very different way!

To watch the 3ºA Escape room click here:

To watch the 3ºB Escape room click here:


During this second term, our Year 4 pupils have been studying the Spanish territory, its division and the different economical sectors that form an economy. At the end of the unit, all of them chose their favourite Autonomous Community, searched information about it and elaborated a presentation for all their classmates.During the presentations, everybody had a really interesting and funny time learning more about the territory where we live, different costumes, foods, traditions and places that will be very helpful for all of them!

Here you have a vídeo with some of the best moments.


During this term, our students have been learning about important features of Spain like the territorial división, the political institutions and how the country is regulated, including the Constitution, and also revised important facts of the European Union like its history or the institutions and their tasks. At the end of the lesson, pupils decided to create their own class constitution, choosing the rights and duties that will rule their everyday routines in the school.

In the following video, you can find the best moments of the process and the final result.




The Industrial Revolution originated in the United Kingdom at the end of 18th century. Later, it extended to other countries. In Spain, it took place in the 19th century. Life changed a lot due to the Industrial Revolution and that’s why 6th Primary students decided to create a task showing the main differences between life before and after the Industrial Revolution.