3rd Term ENGLISH TASKS – Primary-


1st of Primary has been learning the different rooms and furniture we can find in a house. After that, they have worked in groups in order to place each object in the right room. The result is a nice poster for the class as you can see in the photos below.



This term the Smart Cookies from the 2nd of Primary have converted themselves into super spies. Their task was to decode the items of vocabulary we have been working with in class. Each student received a strap of paper with numbers and coded alphabet (one number = one letter) in order to decipher the word. Having done that, every kid had to find a corresponding picture and colour it. Finally, we have stuck all our coded flashcards in a big book.

Have a quick peek below at the making of and result of our term task. We hope you like it as much as we did.



As we have been studying the modal verb Must, the students decided that it was a good time to decide what the rules of the class should be. We all together chose the most important rules in terms of politeness, behaviour and effort. Now the rules are on our wall and we are following them!




To finish our year in English, and trying to find a different way of practicing our expression in English, the 4th year pupils have been preparing puppets that they used to represent different situations related with everyday activities, places, etc.

It´s been a great way of finishing our year and a really helpful activity for our pupils and their expression skills!!


We have seen a few videos about Old English, the language spoken in England during the Anglosaxon invasion, linking the History of England and the language spoken at that time to the History of Spain and the language spoken here at that time so that the students could get a general idea of what was going on in both countries during similar periods of time and how those changes affected the language spoken in each territory.



The 6th of Primary students have made a time capsule. They decorated a cardboard box and filled it with drawings and messages for their future selves. They will open the box again when they are in 4th of ESO. It’s going to be so much fun!