In this term we have studied the universe, and we make a nice poster with the eight planets and the Sun.



This term we have worked on the Universe and our country. We have learned to identify the countries, seas and oceans that surround the Iberian Peninsula, that there are some Spanish territories outside the Iberian Peninsula or to identify and locate the autonomous communities cities on a political map of Spain.

That is why we have made a book about our place in the world called “Me ok the map” that you can see below.



During this term, we have studied the Solar System and all the characteristics of the different planets. To review these contents, we created a super original book with the pictures that we coloured and we wrote the main features of each one. Moreover, we made a Super Solar System model. All the students of primary loved it!

To watch the video with 3rd A Solar System activities:

To watch the video with 3rd B Solar System activities:


During this term, year 4 students studied about the first periods of History, Prehistory and Ancient History. At the end of the last one, decided to prepare some displays which will show what civilizations have settled and lived in the Iberian Peninsula , adding interesting information and facts about them combined with typical objects of buildings. Finally, they decided to hang all the displays in a place where all the other students could look at them and learn or remember informations about that time.

Here you have a video of the different steps followed while creating them, we hope you like it as much as we did painting, drawing and cutting!


Along the last part of the year, in year 5 students have been studying two important periods of the Spanish history: the Middle Ages and Modern Age. Added to all the changes our country suffered,  they also learnt about the different cultural movements that were born and spread along all the European geography influding a lot on the society. Caught by the attractive artworks of the Baroque, Renaissance and Spanish Siglo de Oro, our pupils decided to start a research and presentation of different authors from these three movements.

Here you have a video with the best moments of this task, we hope you enjoy it.




Four percent of the active population in Europe works in the primary sector. 6th Primary students have created a task about arable farming, livestock farming, fishing and forestry in Europe. So we can see how important these jobs are.