Primary 3º

Unit 1. What’s fun about music?

Musical instruments I

Musical instruments II

Musical instruments III

There is / there are I

There is / there are II

There is / there are III

My favourite band is…

Numbers until 1000


Unit 2. What’s fun about food?

Food I

Food II

Food III

Food IV

Game of food

Some and any I

Some and any II

Contable and uncontable

Unit 3. What is amazing about the sea?

Comparative adjectives

Comparative adjectives II

Sea animals

Unit 4. What makes a hero?

Superlative adjectives

Superlative adjectives II

Personal qualities

Unit 5. How can explore the past?

There was / there were

Family tree 

Unit 6.  What’s exciting about holidays

Irregular verbs in past

Past questions


Unit 7. What’s great about technology?

Comparative and superlative of long adjectives

Could, couldn’t


Unit 8. What’s fun about museums?

Going to

Must / mustn’t

Unit 9. How do we spend free time?

Free time

Adverbs of manner

Past simple with last