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1st Term ENGLISH TASKS – Primary-

1º PRIMARY  This term the 1st of Primary students have been learning about families and how different they are. They have also worked with adjectives to describe the people in a family as is it shown in the picture below.   2º PRIMARY  This quarter our project consisted in making a garden. Each child has […]

Bienvenidos a la ESO

Esta mañana los alumnos de 6º de E.P. han celebrado un acto de bienvenida a la E.S.O en el que participaron junto a los alumnos de 4º de la E.S.O. Los chicos y chicas de 4º de la ESO habían preparado un vídeo explicativo que proyectaron durante la sesión. Después de ver el vídeo, los […]

Primary 1º

UNIT 0 -What´s your name? Character names. Numbers. Colors of the rainbow. Greetings. (1) UNIT 1-What do we like about school? Colours. Classroom objects. Classroom words. UNIT 2-What´s interesting about families? Family. My Family. Family Game. UNIT 3-How do we have fun? Toys.  Activities and hobbies.   UNIT 4-What do we like about animals?  Pet […]