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Primary 1º

UNIT 0 -What´s your name? Character names. Numbers. Colors of the rainbow. Greetings. (1) UNIT 1-What do we like about school? Colours. Classroom objects. Classroom words. UNIT 2-What´s interesting about families? Family. My Family. Family Game. UNIT 3-How do we have fun? Toys.  Activities and hobbies.   UNIT 4-What do we like about animals? Pets. […]

Primary 2º

  Starter – When´s your birthday? Months Ordinal numbers Alphabet   UNIT 1 – What´s fun about games? Jobs Toys   UNIT 2 – Why are towns great? Places in town Prepositions of place   UNIT 3 – Why are we busy? Daily routine Hobbies   UNIT 4 – Why are animals amazing? Wild animals […]

Primary 3º

Unit 1. What’s fun about music? Musical instruments I Musical instruments II Musical instruments III There is / there are I There is / there are II There is / there are III My favourite band is… Numbers until 1000   Unit 2. What’s fun about food? Food I Food II Food III Food IV […]