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1st PRIMARY This term we have studied the days of the week, for that reason we have made a calendar of the week with cardboard. 2nd PRIMARY This term we have worked on Weather. We have learned  to identify weather elements as wind, precipitation, temperature and to distinguish between weather measuring instruments. That is why we have […]

Science 1º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 –  My body Parts of the body Parts of the body (2) Body parts UNIT 2 – Health and food Daily Routines Food Food Pyramid UNIT 3 – Animals Living /Nonliving Things Invertebrate Animals Vertebrate Animals Vertebrate – Skeleton Groups of vertebrates Animals UNIT 4 – Plants Parts of a plant Plants […]

Science 2º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – My body How muscles work Five senses UNIT 2 – Food and health Healthy eating, the new food pyramid Healthy breakfast UNIT 3 – Animals Classifying animals Vertebrates Invertebrates UNIT 4 – Plants From seed to flowers UNIT 5 – Forces and energy Pushes and pulls Magnets and springs Interesting […]

Science 3º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – The Human Body Systems in the body The senses Sensitivity Locomotor system UNIT 2 – Food and health The digestive system The food wheel A Healthy Diet Food groups UNIT 3 – Animals The classification of animals Vertebrates and Invertebrates Invertebrates Vertebrates UNIT 4 – Plants Parts of a plant Pollination […]