First report of our Little Artists and Little Scientists is here!!!

First report of our Little Artists and Little Scientists is here!!!

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Hi everyone!

Before you completely switch to the Christmas mode, we would like to share with you some of this busy term’s experience! All of our Little Artists and Little Scientists have been working a lot widening their knowledge in many diverse disciplines. This term our main focus was related to water and its properties that’s why we made new colours mixing the primary ones, recreated the sea animals and water landscapes with edible materials like couscous, herbs and lentils and also different crafts materials, or dived in search for shipwrecks decorated with our own bubble stamps. Besides, we have discovered that we can paint with bubbles and frozen paints, and that by freezing objects like flowers, shells, rice and stones we can convert into great sculptors. What is more, we investigated different objects and experienced if they would sink or float, we studied the shape of water depending on the container we pour it into, we tried to separate water from various edible prompts like lentils, pepper or cocoa and we also froze it! Apart from dealing with water, we have dedicated some time to discover soft and hard materials, the stretchy properties of some objects and the sensation of crumbling leaves and biscuits. Additionally, we got inspired by three great figures, namely Sorolla, Miró and Matisse.

And, most importantly, even due to the Covid restrictions we could participate in the experiments in the class and moreover “taste” some of our activities (sweet or salty and frozen jelly) always with hygiene measures and the supervision of our school nurse, Martín. Thank you!

Have a quick sneak peek at some of the pictures and enjoy your Christmas break!

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