Ho ho ho! The first term Infant School report is here!!!

Ho ho ho! The first term Infant School report is here!!!

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It’s almost Christmas time and I’m sure you are all in the Xmas hustle and bustle. Yet, to make you slow down a bit, have a sneak peek at what we’ve been doing in our Science and Art classes this first term.

In short, in Science and Art classes our prevailing topic was water. We have had a look at its properties, made bubbles (even to paint with!), frozen jelly and created ice sculptures with flower petals, rice, stones, shells and more tiny objects we had at the reach of our hands, and also checked which items float and which sink. Next, diverse materials became our objects of investigation and we would mix them and later try to separate them with various utensils, always when possible, crumble and stretch, create art designs with different textures (soft and hard), paint with toy cars and teabags, and assembly our own maracas, too. Additionally, our sense of taste played an important role in the class since we’ve been trying salt, sugar and jelly icecream. Also, our Little Artists got familiar with some great figures like Dalí, Matisse, Miró and Sorolla in order to find inspiration in their works of art. Busy, busy, busy!

Enjoy the video!



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