Little Artist and Little Scientist – 3rd term

Little Artist and Little Scientist – 3rd term

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Summer holidays are just around the corner but, as always, we can’t go without sharing some activities we did in our arts and science classes. This last term we have mostly dedicated to “Living things”. Even though experimenting with live nature was not very possible, the Little Scientists have managed to make friends with real snails which they would touch, feed and show around their classroom. Moreover, they have learnt about animals laying diverse eggs, their habitats, the way they move, the number of legs they have, the food they eat and how to take care of the environment. Additionally, the oldest Little Scientists worked on the frog life cycle. Apart from that, our Little Artists have recreated landscapes with couscous, leaves and cotton buds, they have used plasticine and finger paint (because due to COVID situation we couldn’t make the blow paint monsters this year) to bring to life their own monsters. What is more, they have imitated animal tracks with their tiny fingers, they have made paper owls and spider webs with colourful yarn, not to mention the Roman-tiled fish, leaves rubbing, paper ball trees, light experiments and drying properties of selected items. As always, our Little Artists were accompanied by two great figures, this time the famous painters, namely C. Monet (impressionism) and V. van Gogh (post-impressionism). Thanks to them, in our classes one could see our own version of the Starry Night made with stamps and glitter together with tissue paper water lilies just like in Monet’s painting.

Having said that, the only thing that’s left now is to watch the video and enjoy the summer. Keep on creating and investigating Little Artists and Little Scientists!!!

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