Little Artists and Little Scientist – 2nd term

Little Artists and Little Scientist – 2nd term

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Hello everyone!

This second term has passed very quickly and our Smart Cookies have done a bunch of different things since the month of January. Our main interest this term were the materials properties since we have discovered the stretchy characteristics of plasticine, objects transparency, magnetic features of selected items and bending. Additionally, we have learnt how to make a real pirate map with tea bags, how mirrors reflect our own images and how to transmit them onto paper (our self-portraits). Also, we have investigated the rolling properties of toy cars, sponge rollers and  table tennis balls and we have used them to create our amazing works of art. We have even assembled stained glass for the windows with cellophane paper and designed fancy and colourful raincoats with very realistic rain drops made with pastel chalk! Moreover, we have experimented with various ramps and magnets, the last ones to go “fishing” and move around the maze. Besides that, and instead of having Skittles and Lacasitos for sweet treats, we have converted them into rainbows by adding water.

Lastly, we have drawn inspiration from three significant artists, namely Arcimboldo, Mondrian and Dalí. I hope we haven’t forgotten to mention any of our Busy Bees activities. 

Check the visual summary of our second term and enjoy!

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