Little Artists and Scientist – Ed. Infantil

Little Artists and Scientist – Ed. Infantil

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Hello everyone!

It’s time for our visual update of these last months! And, eventhough you have witnessed personally the way we work in class, we are sure you would love to have a quick peek at our activities. So, one of our preferred materials in Art classes has been the plasticine which we have used to recreate Dalí’s famous work of art “The Persistence of Memory” and the melted clocks; also, this time inspired by Mondrian, we have used plasticine to create our own “mondrians” at the same time exploring plasticine properties and diverse activities we can do with it (rolling, stretching, etc.). Additionally, we have painted in an unconventional way since instead of using brushes, or even our own hands and/or fingers, we have employed toy cars,  rubber stamps, and finally pastel chalks which were smudged down to create some raindrops. Everyday objects, like teabags or journals, have as well found utility in the process of our artistic creations making old-looking treasure maps and funny collages respectively. Furthermore, our Smart Cookies have learnt about the usage of mirrors (multi-reflections and self-portraits), the phenomenon of bending, geometrical shapes, body parts, and, last but not least, we have created our own stained glasses with cardboard and cellophane paper to decorate our bedrooms.

Enjoy the video!


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