Our last report – Ed. Infantil

Our last report – Ed. Infantil

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Hi everyone!

This is our last report this school year. Throughout this last term we have done lots of interesting things in our Art and Science classes. We have worked with diverse painting techniques,  for instance blowing blobs of paint with straws to make crazy monsters, using cotton buds to create a dotted landscape, using our palms to craft butterflies, octupus, jellyfish, fish, making animals footprints with our fingers,  and we even painted with frozen paints (the quickest activity this term in order not to let the paints melt 😉 what a challenge it was!). Also, we have composed an underworld with couscous, lentils, herbs and bottle caps, and two types of habitats – the desert and the jungle. What is more, we have made water lilies with cardboard, tissue paper and wool, a Roman mosaic with tiny bits of colourful paper to immitate ancient tiles. In addition, we have worked with natural leaves to discover their structure by rubbing them on the paper with a crayon and the 3-year-olds, inspired by the story Jack and the beanstalk , have planted real beans (hopefully with no giants at the top!). We also gave life to paper owls and snails! Basically, we have dedicated a lot of time to the world of living things, and we even had some special guests in our classes – real snails which we fed and played with!!!

In Science, apart from discovering homes of animals, their lifestyles, and the food they eat, we have had a look at water properties and how it changes from liquid into ice or vapour, we have frozen our mixtures of water and jelly and, finally, we have had great fun with water bubbles and different types of wands that we have made ourselves.

Check the short film below for a brief summary and enjoy!

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