Phonics in the last term – Ed. Infantil

Phonics in the last term – Ed. Infantil

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 For many young learners, reading and writing can be one of the most challenging steps in their English learning journey. That’s the reason for using a phonics method with our 3, 4 and 5-years-old students.

 Phonics is a method of teaching learners how to read by making the connection between sounds and letters. There are 42 different sounds used in English and Phonics gives students the tools and the confidence to read and spell unfamiliar words autonomously.  With our little students we need to make phonics attractive and motivating through games, song, interactive activities, realia and all the resources that help us to introduce little by little all the English sounds in order to set the basis for reading and writing.  

In the video below you can see a short example of different activities used in class to learn phonics such as a light table, a magic torch, blooming paper flowers in water, games, songs, etc.

Hope you enjoy it! Happy holidays!

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