Primary English & Science Tasks

Primary English & Science Tasks

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4º Evalution English&Science Tasks

1st Primary – We’ve been studying different jobs and… That’s why we’ve been gardeners, scientists and finally farmers.

2nd Primary – We made a task about the town. This helped them to learn new vocabulary and work together. Also, we made different murals where we classified different machines according to their energy source: petrol, electricity or human force.

3rd Primary – Crop farming, stockbreeding and fishing generate many jobs in our country. We show a distribution of them with a map. Also, we talked about the importance of protect the environment and save our fish resources.

4 th Primary –  We have studied the climates of Spain during these months and they want to show all that they I’ve learnt. Also, we’ve been studying the different economic sectors in Spain.

5th Primary – They have studied climates this year and now they know to interpret the graphs about the different climates in Spain. As well, they have studied the main rivers and the three watersheds of Spain that are painted with different colors on the map.

6th Primary – We want to show you a pair of experiments about electricity. Have you ever rubbed a pen on your clothes to see how the paper stick on it? Has our body electricity?

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