The hustle and bustle in our Art and Science classes – Ed. Infantil

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since our last entry on Art and Science classes. We hope all of you are dying to check what we have been up to these last two months. As usual, we have prepared a short video to reveal our experiments and art projects. These last months we have had a closer look at water properties (how it behaves when we introduce diverse objects into it and also how it adujsts to a container), magnetic properties of selected objects (we even went magnet fishing in class!), we have built a ramp to predict whether some objects would slide down or not, we have added some rythm to our classes by making maracas with lentils, flour and rice, we have learnt how to classify objects according to the way they feel (soft or hard), we have created clothes for a teddy bear with straps of felt and fabric and a hard chair with cardboard, and also, inspired by Sorolla’s paintings, we have created waves painting and a house for our whale friend Penny.

Yet, nothing can show our work better than a bunch of photos taken during our classes. So, let’s enjoy them!



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