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Science 6º

  NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – Nutrition Nutrition and health Digestive system Respiratory System The Food Pyramid UNIT 2 – The circulatory and the excretory systems The circulatory system Blood circulation Excretory system UNIT 3 – Human reproduction Sexual characteristics Sex cells Pregnancy Fertilization What is puberty? UNIT 4 -Health How your immune system works? Nutrition Education Games […]

Science 5º

  NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – Living things and cells Parts of the cell Animal cells Plant cells Unicellular and multicellular living things The organization of living things UNIT 2 – Sensitivity   The skeletal system The muscular system The nervous system Types of movements: voluntary and involuntary How does our skeleton move? UNIT 3 – Ecosystems Ecosystems […]

Science 4º

NATURAL SCIENCE  UNIT 1 – Life Processes Circulatory system How the heart Works Respiratory system Excretory system Heart external view UNIT 2 –  Sensitivity Sight hearing Five senses games Taste Touch UNIT 3 -The classification of living things How are living things classified Vertebrates and invertebrates game Plants Kingdom Living / Non living things quiz UNIT 4 […]

Science 3º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – The Human Body Systems in the body The senses Sensitivity Locomotor system How does your skin work UNIT 2 – Food and health The digestive system The food wheel A Healthy Diet Food groups Snack Shack Game UNIT 3 – Animals classification of animals Vertebrates and Invertebrates Invertebrates Vertebrates UNIT 4 […]

Science 2º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 – My body How muscles work Five senses Joints song  UNIT 2 – Food and health Healthy eating, the new food pyramid Healthy breakfast Food: plants or animals UNIT 3 – Animals Vertebrate and invertebrate Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore Song Viviparous and oviparous UNIT 4 – Plants From seed to flowers Parts […]

Science 1º

NATURAL SCIENCE UNIT 1 –  My body Parts of the body Parts of the body (2) Five senses song UNIT 2 – Health and food Daily Routines Food Food Pyramid Good habits UNIT 3 – Animals Living /Nonliving Things Invertebrate Animals Vertebrate Animals Vertebrate – Skeleton Groups of vertebrates Animals UNIT 4 – Plants Parts of […]