3rd Term ENGLISH TASKS – Primary-

3rd Term ENGLISH TASKS – Primary-

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1º PRIMARY – Parts of the house

Look at our beautiful poster, it is nice, isn´t it? Our children have had a great time sticking the name on each part of the house and reading them aloud to improve their pronunciation. Once completed, it was stuck on our class as vocabulary reminder.


2º PRIMARY – Summer holidays

Summer holidays are almost here and we have allowed ourselves to dream a little (or rather a lot, you know these kids’ imagination is incredible). Here are some examples (unfortunately not all) of the places they would like to visit. Pay attention, in case you want to start planning your next holidays!!

English 3rd term

3º PRIMARY – Past verbs

In this term, we started with past tense. To know porperly the irregular verbs, we made a spider web for relating infinitive with its past!

3º English

4º PRIMARY – Having fun at the zoo!

We chose this happy song to practice past sentences. Have a look to our funny video!


5º PRIMARY – Our experiences

In this term we have been learning how to use the preset perfect.  We have used the present perfect tense to talk about our experiences in the past. Here some examples of our tasks.

Nueva imagen de mapa de bits 2 4 Nueva imagen de mapa de bits 9

6º PRIMARY – Our uniforms

We wanted to show you the extensive knowledge we have about the vocabulary of clothing by describing our favorite uniforms.

DSC 0334 1 DSC 0335 2

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El aula de 3º ESOB estuvimos pensando en cómo son nuestras cocinas y en aquellas cosas que queríamos mejorar. Buscamos ideas creativas e innovadoras. Métodos