3rd Term SOCIAL TASKS – Primary-

3rd Term SOCIAL TASKS – Primary-

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1º PRIMARY – Means of transports

Means of transports are our main vehicles to move around the city and take us wherever we want, so our little children have tried to make their own one using clay. After that, they have made used of paint to give them a hint of color.


2º PRIMARY – Past and present

As you know, we’ve recently been studying how to measure time, as well as the past and the  present and how they are related. So, we got a little nostalgic remembering how things used to be when we were little. It really has been one of the most beautiful projects we have done together. See for yourselves if you don’t believe me but be careful….this video can make you shed a tear or two (or many, in my case). Enjoy it!

3º PRIMARY – Political Institutions

In this term, we have studied political topics like municial services and local goverment. For this reason, un our clases, we did elections to find our mayor!

3ºA Social Science 3ºB Social Science

4º PRIMARY – Roman empire

The Roman Empire has impressed us a lot, so we wanted to dedicate this mosaic. It is a great culture and we have been wanting to know a lot more about them.

DSC 1060

5º PRIMARY – History timeline

In this term we have been studying  about  Prehistory and History, so we have decided to make a huge timetable to recognise  the main periods of the History.

Nueva imagen de mapa de bits 11

6º PRIMARY – Famous paintings

We wanted to show you the importance of art in history. For this we have chosen our favorite paintings. We hope you like them!

DSC 0336 DSC 0337

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