Primary 1º

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UNIT 0 -Hello!

What´s your name.


The Alphabet Chant.


UNIT 1 – At school

Colours of the rainbow.

Classroom objects.

What is it?


UNIT 2 – My things


I´ve got.

My favourite things.


UNIT 3 – Fun with my friends

Free time activities. 

I can...

                                                                                I can´t


UNIT 4 – Outdoors

What is it?

Is it a dog?

Is it a cat?


UNIT 5 – My body

Body parts

This is your head

Guess the animal


UNIT 6 – My family


Who´s he?

How are you?


UNIT 7 – My clothes


His and her

Those and that


UNIT 8 – Food


Likes and dislikes


UNIT 9 – At home


Where are you?



UNIT 10 – At the Farm

Más noticias que leer

Triciclo Lar

Quiñones de León – 5º Ed. Primaria

Ayer el alumnado de 5ºEP ha ido a visitar el Museo Municipal de Vigo “Quiñones de León”.Ahí, pudieron contemplar una de las mejores colecciones permanentes