Primary 4º

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UNIT 1 – The world of animals

What does he/she look like?


UNIT 2 – Fun at home

Relative pronouns

Present simple and continuous

UNIT 3 – My week at school

Past simple

Past simple questions

UNIT 4 – Attractions

Infinitive of purpose

Indirect objects 

UNIT 5 – Our community

Past continuous

Past continuous and past simple

UNIT 6 – Future travel

Will statements

Asking and giving directions

UNIT 7 – Making music

Indefinite pronouns

Be made of

UNIT 8 – The world of games

Present perfect

Action verbs

UNIT 9 – Aches and pains

Giving advice

Parts of the body

UNIT 10 – Exciting adventures

Have you ever…?

Present perfect and past simple

Más noticias que leer

Triciclo Lar

Visita al Museo Marco – 1º Ed. Primaria

El alumnado de 1⁰ de Educación Primaria ha visitado el Museo MARCO (MUSEO DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEA DE VIGO).Tuvieron acceso a la exposición del artista Francisco