Primary 5º

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UNIT 1 – Travel in the city

Present perfect

Present perfect ever/never

   Present perfect for/since

Giving directions

UNIT 2 – The seasons

Future predictions

Future with will

Too/ Enough

                                                                     Too / Enough (Story)

Seasonal activities

UNIT 3 – The environment

Already / just / yet

Present perfect review

How to take care of the environment

UNIT 4 – A trip to the theatre

Past continuous

Past continuous & past simple

Past tenses

UNIT 5 – World food  

Present simple passive statements

Present simple passive

UNIT  6 – Let´s connect

Zero conditional affirmative

Zero conditional negative

Past simple passive

UNIT 7 – In the countryside

First conditional

Modal verbs of obligation

UNIT 8 – A journey to space

Modal verbs: Possibilty

More modal verbs

Relative pronouns

UNIT 9 – Life in the past

Statements using «used to»

Used to: questions and answers

UNIT 10 – Helping our community

Reported speech

Present continuous for future plans

Más noticias que leer

Triciclo Lar

Quiñones de León – 5º Ed. Primaria

Ayer el alumnado de 5ºEP ha ido a visitar el Museo Municipal de Vigo “Quiñones de León”.Ahí, pudieron contemplar una de las mejores colecciones permanentes