Primary 6º

Primary 6º

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So and such

UNIT 1 – The world of work


Going to

Future Tenses

UNIT 2 – Health and medicine

Ought to

Tag questions

UNIT 3 -Let´s go

Present perfect continuous

UNIT 4 – At the Art Gallery

Second conditional

What would you do if…?

UNIT 5 – Let´s play music

Was / were going to

Expressing preferences

UNIT 6 – Science and inventions

Past simple passive

Present simple passive 

Present perfect passive

UNIT 7 – Let´s go shopping

Defining relative clauses

Reflexive pronouns

UNIT 8 – Our planet

Past perfect

Past perfect simple

UNIT 9 – At the wildlife park

Reported speech

Said and told

UNIT 10 – Celebrations

Third conditional

I wish

Adjectives and prepositions

Más noticias que leer

O Lar de Babylar


Los peques de 5 años se han graduado en infantil. ¡Que mayores! Sus profes están muy orgullosas de todos ellos y los echarán mucho de