Science 1º

Science 1º

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UNIT 1 –  How can we be good friends

The five senses

The human body

Our emotions

                                                                «Guess the feeling» Game

UNIT 2 – How can we keep healthy?

What is a balanced diet?

Healthy food game

Healthy habits

                                                                      Personal hygiene

UNIT 3 – We look after plants

Living /Nonliving Things

Parts of a plant

Game parts of plants

What plants need to live

Seasons and plants

UNIT 4 – We love animals

Animal body coverings


Animal movement

What animals eat

Oviparous and viviparous animals

UNIT  5 – We respect nature

What do we get from plants?

Domestic and farm animals

What do we get from animals?

Reduce, reuse and recycle

UNIT 6 – We use machines

What things are made of

Natural sources and human-made




UNIT 1 –  We love our family

Family vocabulary games.

My school.

Parts of the school quizz.

What makes a good friend.

UNIT 2 –  We live together

Parts of the house.

Parts of the house quizz.

Houshold and chores vocabulary.

Types of houses and materials.

UNIT 3 – We explore our neighbourhood

Places of the neighbourhood

Traffic rules and signs

Places in the city game

UNIT 4 – We love animals

The seasons song


The water bodies

The weather game

The weather

UNIT 5 – We love travelling

Means of transport

I can see…

Different ways

UNIT 6 – We learn about the past

Days of the week

Days of the week 2

The months  

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