Science 1º


UNIT 1 –  How can we be good friends

The five senses

The human body

Our emotions

                                                                                                                                                         “Guess the feeling” Game


UNIT 2 – How can we keep healthy?

What is a balanced diet?

Healthy food game

Healthy habits

                                                                                                                                                                   Personal hygiene

UNIT 3 – Animals

Living /Nonliving Things

Invertebrate Animals

Vertebrate Animals

Vertebrate – Skeleton

Groups of vertebrates


UNIT 4 – Plants

Parts of a plant
Plants Song
Game parts of plants
What do Plants Need to Grow?

UNIT  5 – Materials

Materials song
Materials vocabulary

UNIT 6 – Machines

Simple Machines

Simple machines
Let’s have fun with simple machines


UNIT 1 –  We love our family

Family vocabulary games.

My school.

Parts of the school quizz.

What makes a good friend.

UNIT 2 –  We live together

Parts of the house.

Parts of the house quizz.

Houshold and chores vocabulary.

Types of houses and materials.

UNIT 3 – Air and water

Water & Its Uses

Learn the Uses of Water

The Water Bodies

weather song

UNIT 4 – Landscapes

Mountains and plains landscapes

Inland and coastal landscape

UNIT 5 – Our planet

Continents and oceans
Seven Continents Song

Cardinal Directions Song

UNIT 6 – The sky

Solar system
The Planet Song

Seasons Song

Season Song

Continents and Oceans