Science 3º


UNIT 1 – The Human Body

Systems in the body

The senses


Locomotor system

How does your skin work

UNIT 2 – Food and health

The digestive system

The food wheel

A Healthy Diet

Food groups

Snack Shack Game

UNIT 3 – Animals

classification of animals

Vertebrates and Invertebrates



UNIT 4 – Plants

Parts of a plant


Seeds germination

What is pollination?

UNIT 5 – Matter

What is matter?

States of matter

Solid, liquid and gases quiz

Changes of state

What are pure substances and mixtures?

UNIT 6 – Energy and Machines

Information and Technology for Education

Different types of energy

Energy Changes

Energy transformations 

What are the differences between conductors and insulators?

Conductors and insulators quiz



UNIT 1 – Weather and climate

Water cycle

Weather vs. Climate

Air and atmosphere

Water states

Atmosphere Layers´ game

UNIT 2 – Land and water

Landforms of the Earth

Types of landforms

Parts of a river

Spain´s relief

River features matching game

UNIT 3 – Where we live

Elections and voting

Community helpers

Traffic rules and signs

Local Government departments

UNIT 4 – Where we work

Jobs: Primary, secondary and tertiary sectors

Types of landforms

Economic sectors in Spain

Economy for kids

UNIT 5 – Planet Earth

The Solar System

Solar System quiz

Planet Earth

Earth’s movements game

The Moon and its phases

Solar system maker game

Seasons simulation

UNIT 6 – Studying the past

Passage of time

Travel through time

Sources of History

Prehistory for kids

Historic timelines

Long ago and now: differences in time