Science 4º

Science 4º

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UNIT 1 – We promote good health

Health promotion

What are the food groups?

Nutrition and food groups

Keeping fit and staying healthy

The importance of healthy habits

UNIT 2 –  We love plants

Parts of the plant

Parts of the flower song


How can we use plants

UNIT 3 – We respect all the living things

What are living things?

The five kingdoms 

 What are fungi?

Living / Non living things quiz

UNIT 4 – We protect ecosystems

What are aquatic ecosystems?

What are terrestrial ecosystems?

What is biodiversity?

How can we look after ecosystems?

UNIT 5 – We explore forces and machines

What is a force? 

What are machines?

  How have machines changed? 

How do we use machines in daily life?

UNIT 6 – We use the Internet responsibly

What is the internet? 

Internet safety tips 

What is Netiquette? 

The ten basic rules of netiquette 

Internet safety and security


UNIT 1 – We discover the Earth

The Earth: Movements and forms

Earth´s four spheres 

Maps and globes

Facts about maps

UNIT 2 – We care about climate change

Climates of Spain

What is climate change

How to keep the environment safe

UNIT 3 – We participate in public life

Interactive map of Spain (Autonomous Communities)

Spain: National Geographic Kids

How do we study population?

UNIT 4 – We save natural resources

Economic activities and the dfiferent sectors

Sustainable production

The three economic sectors

UNIT 5 – We learn about Prehistory

Prehistory for kids 

Paleolithic and neolithic 

Metal ages

Inventions in the Metal Ages

Cave art and paintings

UNIT 6 – We explore Ancient History

The Alphabet – The origins of writing

Pre-Roman tribes in Spain 


Ancient Greece 

Ancient Rome

Más noticias que leer

Triciclo Lar

ISLAS CÍES – 3ºEd. Primaria

El pasado día 14 nuestro alumnado de 3º de Educación Primaria pudo disfrutar del premio conseguido en el certamen de dibujo “Faro da Escola” gracias

O Lar de Babylar


Los peques de 5 años se han graduado en infantil. ¡Que mayores! Sus profes están muy orgullosas de todos ellos y los echarán mucho de