Science 4º

Science 4º

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UNIT 1 – Life Processes

Circulatory system

How the heart Works

Respiratory system

Excretory system

Heart external view

UNIT 2 –  Sensitivity



Five senses games



UNIT 3 -The classification of living things

How are living things classified

Vertebrates and invertebrates game

Plants Kingdom

Living / Non living things quiz

UNIT 4 – Plant processes

What is photosynthesis

Parts of the plants

Gas exchange in plants

Plant parts quiz

How plants grow

UNIT 5 – Matter and materials

Matter and its properties 

States of matter Quiz


Sink or float

Changes in matter

Matter properties Match Quiz

UNIT 6 – Energy, heat and light

Heat and temperature

Heat energy


Reflection of light

Energy transfer


UNIT 1 – Rocks and relief

Erosion, transportation and deposition

The layers of the Earth

Properties of minerals

Structure of the Earth

UNIT 2 – Weather

Weather VS. Climate

The clouds

Weather forecast

Climates of Spain

UNIT 3 – Water

Hydro-Logic Game

Facts about rivers

 The course of a river


Water moves

UNIT 4 – Living in Spain


Provinces of Spain Quiz

The three economic sectors

Autonomous communities of Spain

UNIT 5 – Prehistory in Spain

Our prehistory

The Gran Dolina

The Paleolithic

The Neolithic

Inventions in the Metal Ages

Cave art and paintings

UNIT 6 – Ancient history in Spain

The Alphabet – The origins of writing

Carthago Nova

The Roman Empire

The Romans in Spain

Iberian and Celts: Spanish ancient history

Ancient history of Spain

Más noticias que leer

O Lar dos Pitufos

Primera semana de cole en P3

La vuelta al cole provoca un torbellino de emociones, nervios, ansiedad… para algun@s un sitio nuevo, profes nuevas y espacios nuevos. Para otr@s un lugar