Science 5º

Science 5º

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UNIT 1 – We look after living things

Types of cells

Organisation levels in organisms

Cell game

The 5 kingdoms

The organization of living things

UNIT 2 – We take care of the environment

What is sensitivity?

Get to know our nervous system a bit closer

How your senses work?

Senses game

UNIT 3 – We protect our bones and muscles

The human skeletal system

Muscular system

Fun facts about muscular system

Musculoskeletal system: voluntary and reflex movements

Human joints in 3D

UNIT 4 – We keep healthy

Healthy habits

How your inmune system works

History of medical diseases

Types of diseases

First aid tutorial

UNIT 5 – We care about matter

What is a force?

Forces and friction

What is Friction?



Aircraft facts for kids

Airplanes: How they work

UNIT 6 – We share reliable information

Storage devices

Computer files facts

How internet works

What is digital footprint

Tips to keep kids safely online


UNIT 1 – The take care the environment

Spanish relief

Spain´s physical interactive map

Relief game

Spanish rivers quiz

                                                              Land and coastal relief game

UNIT 2 – We fight against climate change

What is climate change?

The 5 climates in Spain

How climate graphs work

Spain´s climate zones game

UNIT 3 – We promote democracy

What is democracy?

Spain´s institutions

Spanish Constitution

What is European Union?

European Institutions

European Union Timeline 

UNIT 4 – We respect everyone

Birth and death rate. Natural growth 

Demography. Measuring population characteristics: census

Population pyramide

Population density

Human migration

Migration: immigration and emigration

UNIT 5  – We discover the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages

Visigoths in Spain

History of Al-Andalus

Legacy of Al-Andalus

Christian Kingdoms in Spain

Reconquista facts for kids

UNIT 6 – We explore the Modern Age

Modern History in Spain

The «Reyes Católicos»

How the Spanish empire fell

The Treaty of Utrecht

Art and Society in the Modern Age

Modern Age timeline

Más noticias que leer

Triciclo Lar

ISLAS CÍES – 3ºEd. Primaria

El pasado día 14 nuestro alumnado de 3º de Educación Primaria pudo disfrutar del premio conseguido en el certamen de dibujo “Faro da Escola” gracias

O Lar de Babylar


Los peques de 5 años se han graduado en infantil. ¡Que mayores! Sus profes están muy orgullosas de todos ellos y los echarán mucho de