Science 6º

Science 6º

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UNIT 1 – Nutrition

Nutrition and health

Digestive system

Respiratory System

The Food Pyramid

UNIT 2 – The circulatory and the excretory systems

The circulatory system

Blood circulation

Excretory system

UNIT 3 – Human reproduction

Sexual characteristics

Sex cells



What is puberty?

UNIT 4 -Health

How your immune system works?

Nutrition Education Games

Healthy habits

Treatment of illness and disease.

UNIT 5-Matter

Chemical Mixtures

Physical and chemical changes

Changes of State and matter



UNIT 6 – Electricity and magnetism 

Electricity and magnetism


Magnets and magnetism

Electrical circuits


UNIT 1 -Landscapes of Spain and Europe 

The Earth and maps.

Europe Geography

Political map of Spain

European landscapes

European rivers and lakes 

UNIT 2 – Climate and enviroment

European climates and vegetation

Human Impacts on the Environment

The Climate Time Machine

UNIT 3 – Spain in the 19th century

The Contemporary Age in Spain

Spain in 19th century

Life in the 19th century

Children in 19th century

UNIT 4 – Spain in the 20th and 21st centuries

From Primo de Rivera to Franco

Transition and democracy

Spanish Civil War


Spanish Civil War

UNIT 5 – Spain and Europe today 

What is the European Union and how does it work?

The European Union today

Goals and values of the UE

The institutions of the European Union

What are the EU’s greatest achievements?

UNIT 6 – The economy of Spain and Europe

The economy

What is a company?

Primary sector of industry

Secondary sector of industry

The Tertiary sector

Economy. Basic concepts

Más noticias que leer

O Lar dos Pitufos

Primera semana de cole en P3

La vuelta al cole provoca un torbellino de emociones, nervios, ansiedad… para algun@s un sitio nuevo, profes nuevas y espacios nuevos. Para otr@s un lugar